(Type:Fencing, Trellis & Gates Place Of Origin:Jiangsu China (mainland) )
  • XCEL Residential Lite Series
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  • Type:Fencing, Trellis & Gates
  • Place Of Origin:Jiangsu China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Xcel
  • Model Number:Xcel-residential Liteseries
  • Frame Material:Metal
  • Metal Type:Steel
  • Pressure Treated Wood Type:Nature
  • Frame Finishing:Powder Coated
  • Feature:Easily Assembled,eco Friendly,rot Proof,waterproof
  • Material:Metal
  • Usage:Building
  • Series:6
xcel residential lite series
1provides 6 series to enhance the beauty of landscape 2 highy resistant to corrosion, peeling


XCEL is currently the largest manufacturer and supplier of fencing products in China. Our component ornamental fence system utilizes a pre-installed stainless steel spring clip “SecureSnap” in each picket that allow the fence to snap together for a fast and secure assembly. In addition to this patented technology, we have an advanced 12-stage surface treatment. All production processes are ISO 9001 certified including a computerized powder coating line which allows us to offer a high quality “maintenance-free” finish that will stand up to hash outdoor environments. XCEL is also a leading producer of galvanized and powder coated chain link fence fittings. We offer Nationwide distribution through our warehouse locations in Southern California and New Jersey.

  • ISO 9001 reliability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Stainless Fasteners
  • Prefinished
  • Fast Assembly
  • No Welding
  • 30 Styles Available

XCEL Fence presents Innovation™.

The New High-Tech Component Ornamental Fence System. With more than 10 years of experience and dedication to the fencing industry, XCEL is the only ISO 9001 certified Ornamental Fence System on the market! XCEL’s innovative products are virtually maintenance-free and backed by a full 10-year warranty protection against defects in material and workmanship. XCEL’s Corporate Offices, Research, Development and Technical Support are located in Southern California with Distributors available Nationwide. The Innovation™ line of all-steel distinctive designs requires NO PAINTING and NO WELDING resulting in higher profits from speed and ease of assembly-Fast and easy installations! Installers and Consumers agree-XCEL’s High-Tech Component Ornamental Fence System provides a clear advantage over traditional Ornamental fence installations.

XCEL Ornamental Fence Systems combine all-steel distinctive designs with the most sophisticated surface treatment technology in the world. Components are galvanized-inside and out, then coated through a 12-stage surface treatment which includes a zinc-rich epoxy primer and a polyester finish coat that are baked to a tough smooth finish. XCEL’s Innovation™ line is highly resistant to: corrosion, humidity, salt, air, rust, color fade, blisters & UV aging. The high-tech component system with spring loaded clips make installations FAST and Easy! 18 styles are available in Residential, Commercial and Industrial grades. XCEL provides a dedicated marketing & technical support for all of their products and the assurance of a rock solid 10-Year Warranty.





The following is a partial list of the types of Chain Link Fence Fittings that XCEL Fence, Inc. supplies:

Malieable Iron:
Post Caps, Loop Caps, Rail Ends, Barb Bases, Offset Hinges, Box Hinges, Gate Hinges, Cartilever Rollers, Folk Latches, Corner Arms.

Pressed Steel:
Post Caps, Eye Topps, Rail Ends, One piece Barb Arms, Corner Arms, Corner Clamps, 180 Hinges, Box Hinges, Gate Hinges, Fork Latches, Gate Clips, Overhead Trolleys.

Roller Gate Parts:
Track Brackets, Pipe Track Wheels, Double Wheel Carriers.

Tension Bars, Carriage Bolts/Nuts, Lag Screws, J. Hinge Bolts.






XCEL innovation component fence systems are assembled by utilizing SecureSnap, a patented lacking mechanism, designed for the sole purpose of achieving maximum bias alibity and security across every panel section.In addition to this unique design, all components undergo an advanced multistage surface treatment that includes a Polyester TGIC powder coat finish.



Patent List 
US Patent # 7,025,335
US Patent # 7,347,412
US Patent # 6,648,304
NZ Patent # 544437
AU Patent # 2005239724
CHINA Patent # 00244996
CHINA Patent # 01247514.9
CHINA Patent # 03233989.5
CHINA Patent # 20034985.5







Fence GradeItemMaterial Size (mm)Material Size (Inch)
A: Residential grade (G60 galvanized steel): Rail: 16mmx16mmx1.0 ( 5/8'sq x 19ga) 
 Picket: 35mmx 35mm x 1.2(1-3/8'sq x 18ga)
 Post: 50mmx50mmx1.5 (2'sq x 16ga)
B: Commercial grade (G90 galvanized steel)Rail: 19mmx19mmx1.5 (3/4'sq x 16ga) 
 Picket: 38mmx 38mm x 2.0(1-1/2'sq x 14ga)
 Post: 63.5mmx63.5mmx2.5 (2-1/2'sq x 12ga)
C: Industrial grade (G90 galvanized steel)Rail: 25mmx25mmx2.0 (1'sq x 14ga) 
 Picket:  45mmx 45mm x 2.0(1-3/4'sq x 14ga)
 Post:  63.5mmx63.5mmx2.5 (2-1/2'sq x 12ga)
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